• Vivacious Venues for Your Unique Nuptials

    07-02-2022     Source:Contributor

    If you’re planning a wedding but don’t want to box yourself into a traditional venue, keep reading. Couponsvv.com has a few ideas on unique wedding venues that will make a lasting impression on you and your guests.
    A Ceremony That Sticks with You
    If the idea of a backyard wedding is appealing, consider spending the money you’d put toward a venue on upgrades to your home. For example, a fresh coat of paint on the exterior or a new and improved landscape design. Consider it your wedding gift to yourself and know that these types of upgrades actually add to your home’s value.

    Of course, if a backyard wedding is the choice, you’ll want the green spaces, lawn to landscaping, to be picture perfect. You may also look into the hardscape and other features to include, such as a gazebo, and decorate accordingly.

    Spare the Stress

    Preparing for a wedding, regardless of where you choose to have it, can cause a lot of stress.  As you approach the big day and during it, it’s a good idea to internalize some tips for decision making under stress. It’s wise to remember to breathe and pause when feeling stressed. This gives your body an opportunity to relax and your mind a chance to think. Try to focus on your priorities and see the big picture.
    Rockin’ the Boat
    Oceanside weddings may be a bit cliché, but a wedding on the water may be your perfect day. If you don’t live near the beach, check out your local lake and river marinas to see if they offer rental boats you can use for your floating vows.
    Farm Charms
    Maybe you’re country at heart, or maybe you just want to have barbecue at your reception. Whatever the reason, farm weddings have become one of the most luxurious alternative wedding venues in the U.S. A word of caution, however, as HuffPost explains that barnyard weddings can get expensive and the number of guests you can invite is going to be limited.
    Hotel Wedding Bells
    Skip the Hilton and consider hosting your wedding at a historic hotel or lodge. Many locations have grand entryways and massive ballrooms that can accommodate your wedding party no matter the size. As an added benefit, you won’t be lacking for a beautiful backdrop and your guests can stay on site. You’ll also have access to catering facilities and an event manager. Check out Historic Hotels of America for inspiration.
    An Arty Start
    Many art galleries and museums can host after-hours weddings for a fee. If you are a member, you might be entitled to a discount.
    Your Own National Treasure
    No matter where you live, you are likely minutes or hours away from one of our nation’s glorious national parks. From the Grand Canyon in Arizona to Glacier, Montana, to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, a national park is an underestimated wedding venue that can make your day one to remember.
    A Cinematic Event
    Many historic theaters will host a wedding with advance notice. They come complete with seating, and you can serve popcorn and nachos at the reception.
    The Most Unusual Guests
    When you think of weddings, you probably don’t also think of llamas, alligators, and gibbons. But maybe you should. Major zoos and aquariums in New York, including the award-winning Central Park Zoo, can accommodate hundreds of guests. A zoo wedding will allow you the opportunity to not only mix and mingle with your human guests, but everyone can get an after-hours look at the exhibits.
    There are literally no limits on the type of wedding venue you can choose for your big day. However, remember to always get permission from the owners and, if it’s in a public space, be prepared for curious wedding crashers looking for a free snack.